Archbishop Coleridge says ‘vaccinate for common good’

Archbishop Mark Coleridge receives his second COVID-19 vaccination (The Catholic Leader)

With Queensland inching towards a mid-December reopening of its borders, Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge has renewed a call for people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Source: The Catholic Leader.

“I encourage everyone to be vaccinated, so that together we may move towards a life that is more truly human,” Archbishop Coleridge said.

The Church leader has reinforced the importance of vaccinating, after received his second jab last week, “not so much for my sake but for the sake of others,” Archbishop Coleridge said.

“That’s the real point: vaccines are for the common good. If people decide not to be vaccinated, then there are consequences. So I encourage everyone to be vaccinated, so that together we may move towards a life that is more truly human.”

Queensland has now recorded 77.83 per cent of the population receiving a first dose of a COVID vaccine, with 64.12 per cent double-dosed.

The state’s strategy is to reach 80 per cent full vaccination by December 17, although deputy premier Steven Miles has indicated the state may reopen its borders earlier than planned if vaccination targets are met.

Archbishop Coleridge said the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines is already evident.

“They may not always prevent infection but they certainly mitigate its effects,” he said. “Some of the vaccines have prompted ethical questions, but these have been addressed by the Pope and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”

The Church in Australia has supported the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, seeing such programs as supportive of individuals’ health, as well as the health of the community.

In August, Pope Francis launched a powerful appeal for people to get vaccinated with approved COVID-19 vaccines, calling it “an act of love”.


Vaccinate for the common good, Brisbane Church leader says (By Mark Bowling, The Catholic Leader

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