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Robert Falzon (Supplied)

“Fatherhood really matters. Done well it is world changing. Done badly, it is catastrophic.” This was the key message Catholic speaker and author Robert Falzon brought to dads during a recent visit to Tasmania. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

Speaking to fathers at St Virgil’s College in Hobart, and at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School in Launceston, Mr Falzon, who is co-founder of MenALIVE, said the first step to becoming a better father is to work on yourself.

In his presentations he provided practical tips for dads, including taking the time to resolve past wounds through forgiveness, so as not to repeat the same mistakes with your own children.

“What is not resolved is repeated, and what is not transformed is transmitted,” he said, adding that forgiveness is the only way to find healing.

“We know as Catholics and Christians that this first step towards resolution, reconciliation, restoration and redemption is forgiveness,” Mr Falzon said.

“You can’t break the cycle until you say, it wasn’t right, you did wrong, but I forgive you. I’m letting it go.”

Mr Falzon’s second book, Raising Fathers, was published last year and is a compilation of stories from 12 men of their experiences of fathering. His first book, released in 2014, was The Father Factor, which he co-authored with Peter O’Shea. Both books have the same message: fatherhood matters, for better or worse.

Raising Fathers is aimed at demonstrating the life-changing role of fathering through the experiences of 12 men of varying backgrounds and ages.

“What has eventuated through effort and emerged through imagination is 12 brave men who tell it all in the following pages. Nothing is held back. They are raw, real, radical, relevant.”


For better or worse, fatherhood matters (By Catherine Sheehan, Hobart Archdiocese)

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