Pope prays for catechists this December

A screenshot from The Pope Video for December (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis has released his prayer intention for December, inviting everyone to pray for catechists, who have an “invaluable mission for the transmission and growth of the faith”. Source: Vatican News.

Each month, the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network prepares The Pope Video, in which the Holy Father reveals his special prayer intentions for that month.

For December 2021, the Pope is praying “for the catechists, summoned to announce the Word of God: may they be its witnesses, with courage and creativity and in the power of the Holy Spirit, with joy and much peace”.

In his video message, Pope Francis says, “The lay ministry of catechist is a vocation; it’s a mission … It’s an entire way of being.” He said the Church needs “good catechists who are both companions and teachers”.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis formally restored the lay ministry of catechists with the apostolic letter Antiquum ministerium.

The Pope explains in this month’s video that, even today, “in many dioceses, on many continents, evangelisation is fundamentally in the hands of a catechist”.

So, he said, the Church needs “creative people who proclaim the Gospel, but who proclaim it neither with a mute nor with a loudspeaker, but rather with their life, with gentleness, with a new language, and opening new ways”.

In his message, Pope Francis invites the faithful to “thank catechists for the interior enthusiasm with which they live this mission at the service of the Church”.


Pope’s December prayer intention: For Catechists (By Christopher Wells, Vatican News)  

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