Catholic religious call for ban on nuclear weapons

Catholic Religious Australia has joined Pope Francis in calling for prayer and fasting for peace today (Supplied)

With Russia placing its nuclear weapons forces on high alert, Catholic Religious Australia has reiterated its support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

“As the world moves closer to nuclear conflict, which will lead to humanitarian and ecological destruction on multiple levels and suffering for generations to come, we call for the non-proliferation of nuclear arms and a culture of peace between nations, peoples and the planet,” said CRA National Executive Director Anne Walker.

“In response to the violence, death and devastation witnessed now in the Ukraine but also in countries around the world in the past few years, such as Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Ethiopia, we call upon our Catholic community, and all people of goodwill, to pray and support refugee and relief initiatives.

“War, aggression and nuclear proliferation should never be the answer to political, territorial, religious, or any other difference. CRA prays for mutual dialogue and respect between countries and peoples, so that the sacredness of human life and the natural world is always upheld.”

CRA also echoed the call of Pope Francis for the Catholics and people of faith to unite in prayer and fasting today, Ash Wednesday, for peace in the Ukraine.

“Pope Francis has warned us that those who wage war forget humanity, placing partisan interests and power before all else. This Ash Wednesday, may we draw close to the Ukrainian people in prayer and solidarity, deeply empathetic with the sufferings of our brothers and sisters during this impending humanitarian catastrophe,” said CRA president Br Peter Carroll FMS.


Catholic Religious join calls for prayer, dialogue and peace for the Ukraine (CRA) 

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