Women's theology mentoring program doubles in size

Support from men

The Good Samaritan Study and Mentoring Program has doubled in size for its second year, meaning eight women will receive support to undertake studies aimed at promoting women’s leadership within the Church. Source: The Good Oil.

The popular SAM Program was able to be expanded thanks to financial assistance from a number of men’s religious orders.

Congregational Leader of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Sister Patty Fawkner, wrote to several male religious congregations in Australia offering them the opportunity to contribute to the SAM Program as a way of supporting women’s leadership in the Church.

She said they had been “most generous – another example of ongoing collaboration between religious congregations". That generosity meant the program could expand for 2022.

Sisters of the Good Samaritan Spirituality and Mission Animation Leader, Monica Dutton, said the extra capacity in the program was a welcome development, given the demand.

Dr Dutton said there were 30 applications for the program this year and the number of applications in the program’s second year indicated the need for ongoing support of the voice of women in the Catholic Church.

“Our feedback from the first group of women was they all felt very well supported by the program,” Dr Dutton said. “And one of the biggest positives they reported was that it wasn’t just a scholarship with financial support, but equally important were the other pillars of the program – spiritual direction and mentoring, as well as online gatherings held through the year.

“It seems that these elements of the program are what women are embracing and seeking out.”


Women’s Study and Mentoring Program doubles in size this year (The Good Oil)

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