Remember the disadvantaged when you vote: CSSA

Francis Sullivan (Melbourne Catholic/Fiona Basile)

Entrenched poverty, loss of opportunity and inequality faced by nearly 3 million Australians have not been adequately addressed by either of the major political parties for the federal election, says the chair of Catholic Social Services Australia.

Francis Sullivan, chair of Catholic Social Services Australia, said yesterday that neither major party has demonstrated any clear and focused policies to alleviate the systemic plight of people living on the fringes of our communities.

“We should never forget these same people are our neighbours, our families and our friends who, because of misfortune or birthright, struggle when the rest of us are sharing in the benefits of our country’s prosperity,” Mr Sullivan said.

“In six weeks the Australian community will get to make a choice between one or other of the major parties that can demonstrate it is able and willing to address the long-term systemic causes of hardship and poverty that millions of Australians live with every day.

“For decades millions of Australians have watched as their share of the national wealth has got smaller and smaller.

“In real terms, NDIS packages have been reduced, unemployment and health benefits eroded while at the same time some 3 million Australians, including nearly 750,000 children, now live in poverty.

“The NDIS, social and emergency housing, domestic and family violence, the plight of Indigenous communities, entrenched poverty are all major challenges that should be front and centre of the policy agendas of both the Coalition and Labor.

“While it is one thing to vote for a better life for ourselves and our families, it is another thing to vote so that we all can prosper.”


Australians need to vote for fairness and the party that will act on entrenched hardship and poverty (ACBC Media Blog)

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