Service to tackle ‘new drug’ of pornography addiction

Dr Lucimey Lima Perez (Hobart Archdiocese/Mark Franklin)

Family therapist Lucimey Lima Perez has witnessed first-hand how pornography addiction can devastate lives and relationships. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

“It’s called the new drug,” Dr Perez said. “It produces a lot of harm … the biological changes produced by pornography are sometimes irreversible.”

Pornography addiction is increasing because of the internet, Dr Perez said, and is harming relationships and society in general because of changes it causes to the brain.

“The brain changes and so relationships change as well. There is an impact on society because the person is not functioning properly. It’s an addiction.”

Dr Perez has taken up a new position with CatholicCare Tasmania as a therapeutic specialist and educator focusing on pornography addiction and the subsequent harms. The new role was the initiative of Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous.

In her role Dr Perez will collaborate with Hobart Archdiocese, CatholicCare Tasmania, Catholic Education Tasmania, and the wider community to promote and deliver services aiming to reduce the impact of pornography.

As well as working with individuals suffering from pornography addiction, Dr Perez will provide education in schools, raising awareness of the dangers of pornography and educating on healthy sexuality, the addictive nature of pornography and its effect on the human brain, and the impacts on relationships, sexuality and social wellbeing.

Dr Perez said she hoped the new services for pornography addiction offered through CatholicCare Tasmania would assist people in developing healthier lives.


New service to tackle the harm of pornography (By Catherine Sheehan, Hobart Archdiocese) 

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