Australia’s Ukrainian bishop ‘can’t sleep’ due to worry

Bishop Mykola Bychok CSsR (ACBC/Giovanni Portelli Photography)

Australia’s Ukrainian Catholic Bishop Mykola Bychok CSsR says he often “can’t sleep” because of worry for his family and friends in the war-torn country. Source: Crux.

In a question and answer interview with Crux, Bishop Bychok, 41, was asked how he was feeling three months since Russia invaded Ukraine.

“On one side, I’m good. But on the other, I am not, because of everything that is happening in Ukraine; this war also has a huge impact in my life as a bishop here in Australia," he said. "Yes, I am far from my country, but still, I am the pastor of Ukrainians here in Australia.

“And during these past few months we have received displaced people from Ukraine, and every time they come, it is a reminder that things are not good in Ukraine.”

“I am worried, because my parents, my relatives, friends, other priests and members of my religious congregation [the Redemptorists] are still in Ukraine; so many times it is truly difficult to sleep,” Bishop Bychok said. “And you are far away, reading and watching the news too often, because you hope that every time you will find that the war has ended.”

Bishop Bychok said he had recently visited some displaced Ukrainians in Australia.

“It was very important for me to be able to listen to them, what is happening and what their needs are. They arrived here on a tourist visa, and they are changing it to a humanitarian one, which will cover health care and some education.

“They need a lot from us, not only help with the visas, but also spiritual help and support. Some of them have a connection, friends or relatives here, but in general, they need help.”


Australia’s Ukrainian bishop ‘can’t sleep’ due to worry over war (By Inés San Martín, Crux)

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