Theologians must find new ways to share the faith: Pope

Pope Francis with the rector and members of the staff of the Milan archdiocesan seminary and its theological journal on June 17 (CNS/Vatican Media)

The Church needs theologians who know how to transmit the truths of faith in a way that will speak to people today, the Pope has written in a new text. Source: CNS.

“The community needs the work of those who attempt to interpret the faith, to translate and retranslate it, to make it understandable, to expound it in new words; it is a work that must be always done again, in every generation,” the Pope told staff from Milan’s archdiocesan seminary in a text given to them June 17.

The seminary staff were in Rome as part of their celebration of the 150th anniversary of the seminary’s theology journal.

In the text, the Pope wrote that the Church needs theologians who know how “to communicate the truths of faith today, taking into account linguistic, social, cultural changes and competently using the media, without ever watering down, weakening or "virtualising’ the content.”

“The Church encourages and supports the effort to redefine the content of faith in every age, in the dynamism of tradition,” he said. “That is why theological language must always be alive, dynamic, cannot help but evolve and must work to make itself understood.”

Unfortunately, he said, “sometimes the sermons or catechesis we hear are mostly composed of moralism and are not ‘theological’ enough, that is, able to speak to us about God and to answer the questions of meaning that accompany people’s lives, and which we often do not have the courage to formulate openly.”

To be of real service to the Church and its members, he said, theologians must “always keep in mind the link between faith and life” and “cherish and communicate the joy of faith in the Lord Jesus.”


Theologians must find new ways to express, share the faith, pope says (By Cindy Wooden, CNS

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