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CEO - Eastern Palliative Care, Mitcham, VIC

About the Organisation

Eastern Palliative Care Assoc. Inc. (EPC) delivers home-based care services to the eastern region of the Greater Melbourne area. 
All staff and volunteers of EPC must demonstrate a commitment to EPC’s Mission and its Values and act in accordance with our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

Together in Service ~ Compassionate in Care ~ Leadership in Action

EPC is privileged to care for and accompany those with life-limiting illness and their caregivers, upholding their dignity and respecting their physical, emotional, cultural, spiritual and social needs. Our care continues in the bereavement services that we offer caregivers and families.


Compassion - Empathy for others in their end of life experience by listening, accepting and actively responding to their needs

Dignity - Upholding the unique personality, situation and choices of people, valuing their lives in the face of death, and respecting their rights

Excellence - Delivering evidence based quality care, underpinned by ethical practice, research and leadership

Empowerment - Building trust with people, that puts them at the centre of decision-making and enables control and choices

Equity and Access:
EPC is committed to equal opportunity, social justice, cultural diversity and social inclusion in community based palliative care. We respect that different cultures, rights and practices exist within the community. We recognise the value of diversity amongst staff and clients and aspire to a culture of inclusion for a workplace and care environment free from discrimination and harassment.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads and manages EPC within the context of our Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Ethics ensuring standards and models of care and service outcomes are consistent with the organisation’s strategic directions.

The CEO provides overall leadership and management of EPC in order to ensure:

  • The Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Ethics of EPC are explicit in day to day operations.
  • The implementation of EPC’s strategic plan especially in service development and increased community support and participation;
  • The provision of high standard palliative care, characterised by service innovation and person-centred programs;
  • Ongoing financial sustainability based on sound business principles and maximisation of non-Government revenue; and
  • The development of collaborative relationships with EPC’s Partner Bodies, all levels of government, sector peak bodies (in particular, Palliative Care Victoria and Palliative Care Australia), and the community we serve.

Qualifications and Competencies – Essential:

  • Formal qualification/s in a discipline relevant to programs and services of EPC.
  • Demonstrable commitment to the Mission, Values and Code of Ethics of EPC.nowledge of, and respect for, the sponsoring and partner bodies of EPC.
  • Demonstrated expertise and achievement in organisational leadership, service innovation, quality management and change management.
  • Capacity for flexibility and emotional intelligence that promotes a dynamic organisational culture and responsiveness to external pressures and impacts.
  • Proven ability and experience in managing complex, community based human services organisations that include:
    • reporting to Committee of Management and executing the duties of Public Officer
    • exercising primary responsibility for strategy and operations
    • significant volunteer support and program delivery
    • management of a budget within defined parameters, including income from fundraising and non-Government income sources
    • continuous improvement of services in a context of organisational growth
  • Exceptional communication skills in professional and public contexts.
  • Current Victorian Driver’s Licence.
  • Criminal Record Check and social media check.

Qualifications and Competencies – Desirable:

  • Knowledge of best practice and experience in the delivery of community palliative care services.
  • Demonstrates curiosity, reflective practice and openness to continuous improvement and new ways of working and service delivery
  • Strong level of stakeholder engagement.
  • Superior IT competency.

Key Result Areas:


The CEO:
1.1 is accountable to the Committee of Management for ensuring that EPC’s policy direction, service provision, and financial management operates within the context of our Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Ethics
1.2 ensures that the Committee is fully informed, has well researched and clearly documented background information to inform all decisions and is provided with an annual budget and monthly financial reports with clear explanations for all budget variances
1.3 exercises responsibility as the Public Officer pursuant to Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic) and the Rules of Association of EPC 
1.4 supports the Chair of each of the Committee of Management’s related Committees in managing the business of that Committee

Strategic Planning and Service Development

The CEO:
2.1 ensures that EPC’s policies and guidelines are consistent and informed by:
 our Vision, Mission and Values
 service guidelines issues by the Department of Health and the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards
 consumer involvement and feedback
2.2 leads EPC’s growth and development by strategically positioning it to explore new appropriate business opportunities

Financial Management

The CEO:
3.1 manages EPC’s operations within budget, maintaining administrative overheads at efficient, cost-effective levels to ensure maximum commitment to direct service provision. 
3.2 ensures all staff and volunteers work within the delegated approved authority outlined in EPC’s Delegations Manual

Staffing and Human Resource Management

The CEO:
4.1 ensures all staff and volunteers are educated and supported to express EPC’s Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Ethics through their work
4.2 ensures EPC’s staffing structure is appropriate to the particular demands of community palliative care
4.2 provides appropriate training, education and professional support for all staff and volunteers
4.3 is responsible for succession planning and compliance with the principles of equal opportunity in the workplace

Community Education, Research and Development

The CEO:
5.1 ensures that EPC’s community education program is implemented and suitably funded
5.2 facilitates staff engagement in research and development activity
5.3 ensures educational opportunities are available to medical, nursing, allied health, family support staff and volunteers

Community and Government Relations

6.1 contributes to the profile and perception of community palliative care through maintenance and strengthening of community advisory and support groups and volunteer participation
6.2 supports the fundraising program of EPC 
6.3 ensures appropriate management of activities relating to volunteer recruitment and development
6.4 maintains constructive and appropriate relationships with all levels of government, peak bodies and stakeholder groups
6.5 represents EPC at appropriate professional fora

Quality, continuous improvement, occupational health and safety and risk management

The CEO:
7.1 provides leadership in workplace health and safety fostering a strengths-based and collaborative workplace culture
7.2 promotes interdisciplinary best practice and quality clinical leadership
7.3 ensures annual safety plans are developed and implemented
7.4 takes responsibility for own health and safety
7.5 ensures that all hazardous conditions, injuries, and near misses are reported immediately to the Quality Coordinator

Please view the Position Profile on and send a brief CV (word format) by 5pm Monday 23 May to [email protected], or ring Jeremy Wurm on 0419 529 525 or Lesley Lightfoot on 0458 543 485, in confidence.

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