Times change but Dads remain special

Celebrating the role of dads on September 3 (Pixabay)

No one would question the absolute importance of mothers in bringing up children. But fathers also need to be celebrated for the essential role they play in family life, writes David Ahern in Majellan Magazine.

Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday. When I was growing up it seemed more fuss was made of Mother’s Day. I believe there is still more of a focus on celebrating the role of mothers in society but this is not a criticism, just an observation.

I was fortunate to have terrific parents so both occasions were celebrated with much enthusiasm each year. True to say that as a child if I cut my knee or had a fight with my older brother I would seek solace in my mother’s arms. There was always something special about a kiss and cuddle from mum. The world was a safer place and the tears and the hurt were soon forgotten.

Dad’s role was different. We would enjoy a kick of the footy in the backyard, and he’d show me how to shave and how to cook meat on the barbecue. He was always fun to be around and while he loved nothing more than a barbecue and a beer or two, the steak would always be served the same way, very well done to near burnt.

Dad took out the garbage each week and mowed the lawns while mum prepared the nightly meals. Mum stayed home to look after me and my five siblings and dad was the bread winner. It was more of a traditional upbringing. That’s how it was back then.

Times have changed and all roles are now up for grabs. There are stay-at-home dads and there are mums who earn the money. Women play football at a senior level and men flock to cooking classes. There are single mums and single dads and there are homes with just mums and homes with just dads.

While the past 40 years have brought many changes one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for children to be nurtured and loved. The main ingredient here is love.


Why fathers are special (Majellan Magazine)

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