Opinion - Jesus was not the life of the party

Does it seem strange to you that often, having miraculously cured someone, Jesus would say to them: "Tell no-one"? On other occasions, His miracles were very public. We are usually told that one reason He requested anonymity was that He did not want to be hounded for miracles because His mission was to proclaim the Kingdom of God. I wonder whether there were other reasons?

The thought occurs to me that if those around Him had not disobeyed His instructions the gospels would have fewer accounts of His miracles and that His credibility might therefore be more open to debate. Or am I again at risk of sacriledge?

I wonder what sort of a bloke He was - the human side of Him, I mean. I can't imagine Him as some sort of 'goody-two-shoes' as I reckon I have been at times. On the other hand, I can't quite picture Him as the life of the party. But if you think about it, why might He not have occasionally been the LOTP? Something tells me that most of His life would have been very ordinary and that therefore He would have done and said a lot of the ordinary things you and I do. - Bill Farrelly, Marist Messenger (click below for full article)


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