Why did Vatican send $2m to Australia?: Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell (CNS/Robert Duncan)

Cardinal George Pell says that he does not harbour ill will toward the man whose sexual assault accusation sent him to prison for 13 months, but he wants to know why the Vatican sent more than $2 million to Australia during his trial. Source: CNA.

Cardinal Pell was released from prison on April 7, 2020, after the High Court unanimously found that the jury which convicted him on December 11, 2018, should not have found him guilty of beyond a reasonable doubt.

“We have one basic unanswered question,” Cardinal Pell says. “We do know – this has been confirmed by Cardinal [Angelo] Becciu – that $2.3 million was sent from the Vatican Secretary of State to Australia.”

Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, a former senior official at the Vatican’s Secretariat of State, has said that the funds were sent to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for Cardinal Pell’s expenses during his trial and imprisonment.

The Bishops Conference disputes this claim and says it did not receive the money.

“The conference of bishops has said ‘no such money ever arrived, certainly, we didn’t receive it,’” Cardinal Pell says. “So the unanswered question is: If the money wasn’t sent for something to do with my case, why was it sent?”

Cardinal Pell says if “a good reason can be given” for why the funds were sent to Australia, “then we can get on with our life and investigate other directions.”

“But it’s a major unanswered question. And as I said, Cardinal Becciu confirms that the money was sent, and he believes it’s none of my business as to why it was sent.”


Cardinal Pell to Becciu: What was that $2M payment actually for? (CNA


Cardinal George Pell On the Record (YouTube/EWTN)

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