Pope tells priests to open themselves to the world

Pope at his audience with priests in Rome on Sunday (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis has told priests not to shut themselves into small-knit cliques but instead open themselves to the world and make God’s love reach everyone. Source: Crux.

“Please, let us not remain barricaded in the sacristy and cultivate small, closed groups where we can pamper ourselves and be comfortable,” the Pope said on Sunday during an audience with priests studying at Rome’s Pontifical Lombard Seminary.

“There is a world waiting for the Gospel and the Lord wants his shepherds to be conformed to him, carrying in their hearts and on their shoulders the expectations and burdens of the flock. Open, compassionate and merciful hearts,” he said.

Pope Francis said he knew that some of the priests, who go to confession at Rome’s Basilica of St Mary Major, located near the seminary, tell each other afterward, “Go to that one, but not that one — he’ll make your life miserable.”

Just as the student priest seek to confess with “priests who are merciful to us,” they must also strive to show mercy to those who come to them.

“Just as we want mercy when we go to ask forgiveness for our sins and seek the most merciful, you must be merciful with everyone,” he said. “Don’t forget that God never tires of forgiving. We are the ones who tire of asking for forgiveness, but he never gets tired of forgiving.”


Pope to priests: Don’t remain ‘barricaded in the sacristy’ (By Junno Arocho Esteves, Crux

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