‘Setting the record straight’ on school funding

Jim Miles (CECV)

Jim Miles, executive director of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, says it is timely to set the record straight on government funding for capital works in schools.

A report in The Age yesterday suggested that non-government schools are over-funded and government schools are under-funded in relation to school facilities.

“The first thing to point out is that the report commissioned by the Australian Education Union used data which is flawed because it does not include the billions of dollars spent by the Victorian Government to establish new government schools,” Mr Miles said.

“The exclusion of this funding greatly distorts the report’s analysis. Since it came to power in Victoria in 2014, for example, the Andrews Government has invested over $2 billion in new government schools in Victoria.”

Mr Miles said that like government schools, Catholic education authorities are struggling to keep pace with demand to deliver new and upgraded school facilities in Victoria.

“Despite educating more than 20 per cent of Victorian children, our school communities contribute 72 cents in every dollar of the funds used to build, upgrade, and maintain Catholic schools,” Mr Miles said.

“In other words, our families pick up the tab for nearly three quarters of building works carried out at their Catholic schools. “This is additional money that governments, and taxpayers, would have to find if these students were being educated in a government school.”

Mr Miles said the Andrews Government had committed $402 million over the four years 2019-20 to 2022-23 to help build and upgrade Catholic and Independent schools across the state.

“This commitment has received bipartisan support.”


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