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CathNews, the most frequently visited Catholic website in Australia, is your daily news service featuring Catholics and Catholicism from home and around the world, Mass on Demand and on line, prayer, meditation, reflections, opinion, and reviews. And, what's more - it's free!

CathNews is a trusted place for Catholic employers to attract and recruit new staff across a range of ministries. With 13,000 subscribers, the majority of whom work in Church ministries, there is no better place to advertise a role in your Catholic organisation.


As of November 7, 2022, all jobs ad on CathNews will appear in the daily e-newsletter and on the CathNews Jobs List webpage. The cost of each listing is $275 excl GST (or $302.50 including GST). Members of the Catholic GST Religious Group are exempt from GST for CathNews advertising.

If you have never placed a job ad on the new CathNews website, click here to register as an advertiser. If you are a registered advertiser, click here to post a job ad.


CathNews welcomes display advertising from Catholic and other affiliated organisations wishing to promote their ministry, programs or products on our website and in the daily e-newsletter. Download the Media Kit for more information on pricing and placements, which are subject to availability. Email [email protected] to enquire about display advertising.