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Lester Blades

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  • Founded Date 16 December 2002

Company Description

About Lester Blades

  • Established in 2002, Lester Blades is a Western Australian executive search and board advisory consultancy.
  • We work on behalf of employers who retain us exclusively. This confirms a genuine commitment from both parties and ensures that the search component of our work is professional and effective (it avoids candidates being approached by numerous recruitment firms regarding the same role, thus denigrating the importance of the position and the brand of the employer).
  • Our Executive Search Partners are Tony Lester, Geoff Blades, Tina Jackson and James Fairbairn, four of Western Australia’s most experienced executive search and selection consultants.
  • Our Partner Suzanne Ardagh leads Lester Blades’ Board Advisory Service.
  • We have completed in excess of 2,800 Executive and Board Appointments since 2002.
  • The majority of our clients come to us based on previous experiences or by referral.
  • We successfully complete over 98% of retained executive search assignments.
  • Of those appointments, 97% are still with that employer 12 months later.
  • Diversity – In 2022, 49.2% of Lester Blades’ appointments into executive, senior leadership or board positions were female. This has not been achieved by any form of discrimination, rather it is a reflection of our firm’s ability to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds and both genders and Lester Blades’ commitment to always recommending high quality and gender balanced shortlists of candidates.
  • Lester Blades is a member of Reconciliation WA.