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The Rosary chain is dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians as the patroness of Australia (Bigstock)

Boosting Christian hope and joy are some of the aims of a nationwide Rosary event on Saturday, May 25. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

This is the third year of the Nationwide Rosary to Our Lady Help of Christians. Organisers are urging Catholics to unite in prayer in their parishes or in their homes.

Two Catholic women from Queensland, who share a devotion to the Rosary, started the initiative after meeting four years ago at Marian Valley, Brisbane Archdiocese’s Shrine to Our Lady Help of Christians in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Theresa Blatchly is from the Toowoomba Cathedral parish and Yvette Kaminski is from Brisbane’s St Kevin’s parish.

Ms Blatchly has spent years, with a small band of helpers, making many thousands of Rosary beads for primary and secondary school students in the Toowoomba area. 

Ms Kaminski, a member of the Legion of Mary, has been involved in children’s liturgy in her parish, and voluntarily teaches Catholic primary school students about the Rosary.

The Rosary is to Our Lady Help of Christians as the patroness of Australia since 1844. May is the month dedicated to honouring Mary.

“St Therese of Lisieux said ‘The Rosary is a long chain that links Heaven and earth’,” Ms Kaminski said. “One end is in our hands and the other end is in the hands of the Holy Virgin.”

“United in prayer with our Blessed Mother Mary, we hope for God’s peace and love in our lives.”

The Nationwide Rosary to Our Lady Help of Christians is on Saturday from 2pm. For details or to access a Spotify hymn playlist, please email Yvette Kaminski at [email protected]


Invitation to unite in prayer for Nationwide Rosary chain (Hobart Archdiocese)