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Persecution Religious Freedom

Night of the Witnesses honours Christianity’s modern-day martyrs

Australia’s capital has joined a select list of cities that have hosted Night of the Witnesses, an Aid to the Church in Need initiative that honours Christianity’s modern-day martyrs and those persecuted because of their faith. Source: Catholic Voice.

Interfaith Religious Freedom

Religious freedom debate ‘should aim to unite, not divide’ 

Discussions about religious freedom in Australia should aim to unite the nation rather than divide it, guests at the Australian Catholic University’s sixth Parliamentary Interfaith Breakfast have heard.

Religious Freedom

Northern Territory Parliament passes anti-discrimination bill

After hours of fierce debate and despite a strong backlash from religious groups, the Northern Territory Parliament has passed a suite of amendments to anti-discrimination laws. Source: ABC News.

Politics Religious Freedom

NT chief says anti-discrimination bill ‘strikes a balance’

Northern Territory Chief Minister Natasha Fyles says her Government’s Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill aims to strike a balance between providing exemptions and removing the right to discriminate. Source: NT News.

Religious Freedom

Politicians join protesters in call to halt NT anti-discrimination bill

A former Northern Territory Labor attorney-general says the NT Government should delay its contentious anti-discrimination legislation until a federal government review is complete. Source: NT News.

Persecution Religious Freedom

Pontifical foundation sees red over persecution of Christians

Australian cathedrals will be illuminated in red next week as part of the international Red Wednesday campaign to call attention to religious freedom and persecuted Christians. Source: ACN.

Religious Freedom

Plea for action as support grows for religious freedom laws

Growing support has emerged for religious freedom laws in Australia, sparking calls for Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to legislate protections against faith-based discrimination. Source: The Australian.

Education Religious Freedom

Catholic Education calls for legislation to protect faith-based schools

The National Catholic Education Commission says it looks forward to progress on religious protections that enable Catholic schools to continue to operate according to their values and beliefs.

Education Religious Freedom

Queensland parents petition against proposed law

Thousands of Queensland parents are petitioning against proposed laws that could prevent Christian schools from discriminating against employees who do not share their religious beliefs. Source: Courier-Mail.

Religious Freedom

Archbishop backs Equal Opportunity Act amendment

Melbourne Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli has backed the Coalition’s proposal to amend Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Act to allow religious schools to hire staff on the basis of faith. Source: Guardian Australia.