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Synod to include pilgrimage for participants, prayer for migrants and refugees

Organisers have released the schedule for the first assembly of the Synod on Synodality, which will be held at the Vatican next month, revealing plans for a participant pilgrimage and a prayer evening for migrants and refugees. Source: Vatican News.

Legal Matters

Church provides report on Bishop Saunders, rejects accusations of law breach

The Church has rejected “unfounded allegations” made by West Australian politicians that it failed to abide by the state’s mandatory reporting laws, saying it takes its reporting obligations seriously. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

New Zealand Politics

New Zealand bishops urge politicians to focus on issues, not trivia

New Zealand’s Catholic bishops want the politicians elected in the country’s general election on October 14 to focus on issues that matter, instead of the trivia and scandals that dominate public debate. Source: NZCBC.


‘Night of the Witnesses’ to honour martyred Christians

St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne will host an evening of testimony, prayer and song to honour martyred Christians at the second annual “Night of the Witnesses” in November. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Health Politics

Major state decisions to be excluded from COVID inquiry

Australia’s COVID-19 inquiry will call on premiers to give evidence about how they worked together during the pandemic but will not have the scope to investigate major decisions they took individually, such as lockdowns and school closures. Source: The Age.

First Nations In The Dioceses

Brisbane Archdiocese unveils RAP 2.0

Brisbane Archdiocese has unveiled the second iteration of its Reconciliation Action Plan, which covers the period 2023–2025.

Middle East Religious Freedom

Cardinal Sako seeks Vatican support to regain authority in Iraq

Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic Cardinal Louis Sako said he would like more Vatican support as he tries to regain formal recognition as the Chaldean patriarch in the country. Source: NCR Online.

Charity Digital Life

How a 168-year-old charity embraced TikTok – and won a legion of young fans

The St Vincent de Paul Society, the 168-year-old charity, is proof that you’re never too old to embrace technology. Source: Mumbrella.

Film Review

When father met daughter

Scrapper offers up a slice of life in East London, where a smart and enterprising tween lives alone on a council estate after her mother’s death, until her absent father turns up. Source: Australian Catholics.