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Education Sport

English soccer giant teams up with Adelaide Catholic school

Liverpool Football Club has announced the expansion of its International Academy program to South Australia with the creation of a new partnership with Adelaide’s Xavier College. Source: The Southern Cross.

Appointment Education

Transforming Catholic college into a co-educational school

Catholic Schools Broken Bay has appointed Mark Robinson as the senior executive overseeing the transformation of the delivery of Catholic education in New South Wales’ Northern Beaches precinct.


Catholic education chief questions if ‘funding wars’ really about funding

National Catholic Education executive director Jacinta Collins says it’s time for “fringe commentators and the Australian Education Union to stop the distorted reporting on school funding” and for “all sectors to realise the full Gonski commitment to Australian education”. 


Big change coming to the way Catholic school kids are taught

Catholic schools in Melbourne will overhaul how students learn reading, writing and maths, switching to explicit instruction over student-led or inquiry-based learning. Source: The Age.

Education Mental Health

Students benefit from school counselling program

Students attending Tasmania’s Catholic schools are benefiting from a state-wide counselling program run by CatholicCare Tasmania. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

Education New South Wales

Catholic school closed after discovery of contaminated mulch

A Catholic school in Sydney’s northwest will remain closed for a week while authorities remove an estimated 30 cubic metres of asbestos-contaminated mulch. Source: ABC News.

Education Politics

Government hoses down push to axe tax breaks for private school donations

Tax deductions for donations to school building funds are set to stay in place after a backlash from Catholic and independent schools. Source: The Australian. 

Education Health

School’s Health Hub program expanding at a healthy rate

A Toowoomba Catholic school is expanding a program that offers students industry-standard health training to meet the growing demand in the Darling Downs region of southern Queensland. Source: Toowoomba Catholic Schools. 


Students’ poor reading performance a ‘preventable tragedy’

Australian students are struggling to read, with new research revealing a third of children cannot read proficiently and their poor performance could cost Australia $40 billion over their lifetimes. Source: The Australian.