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Minister warns schools to lift performance or lose funding

Schools will have to hit tough new academic and student wellbeing targets to pocket federal funding worth $26 billion a year, after a new report found that 90,000 Australian children are failing ­literacy and numeracy tests. Source: The Australian.


Church publishes fifth annual report on child safety

The ongoing work to ensure Catholic settings are safe for children and that organisations are responsive to safeguarding concerns has been outlined in the Church’s fifth annual report to the National Office for Child Safety. Source: ACBC/CRA.

Human Rights

Australia risks UN blacklisting after failing to meet prison obligations

Australia risks being placed on a human rights blacklist alongside such countries as South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by failing to meet its obligations in prison oversight under a UN anti-torture treaty. Source: The Guardian.

Crime New South Wales

Police target ‘petri-dish of hate’ on internet

A new education campaign aims to reduce hate-motivated crimes and incidents in New South Wales by encouraging more victims and survivors to come forward and report to police. Source: SBS News.

Ethics Technology

Interfaith leaders join Vatican push for AI code of ethics

Representatives of the Muslim, Catholic and Jewish faiths have come together at the Vatican to sign a document calling for a code of ethics for the use of artificial intelligence. Source: CNS.


Mentoring program helps student teachers become classroom-ready

A new partnership between Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton and CQ University aimed at building the capability and confidence of pre-service teachers will this year see 11 trainee teachers appointed to Catholic primary schools across the Diocese. Source: CEDR.

Benedict XVI

Benedict posthumously defends Christianity in new book

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has posthumously defended Christianity against claims of intolerance “in the name of tolerance”. Source: CNA.

Film Review

Steven Spielberg phones home in dazzling, bittersweet movie memoir

The Fabelmans, a semi-biographical account of how Steven Spielberg became obsessed with movie-making, is an extraordinary film that no one addicted to Spielberg’s blockbuster movies, or the history of cinema, can afford to miss. Source: Jesuit Media.


‘Skateboard hero’ on path to sainthood

A 39-year-old Spaniard known as the “skateboard hero” for his acts of valour during the 2017 London Bridge attack is on the path to sainthood. Source: The Tablet.