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Military representatives carry flags in procession at St Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra, yesterday (Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese)

Military dignitaries, federal and local politicians, clergy and members of the diplomatic corps representing 27 nations attended the National Anzac Day Mass at St Christopher’s Cathedral in Canberra yesterday. Source: Catholic Voice. 

Principal celebrant Canberra-Goulburn Archbishop Christopher Prowse noted the generosity of servicemen and women who have “given us the freedom and the peace that we often take for granted”.

In his homily, Monsignor Peter O’Keefe, apostolic delegate of the Catholic Military Ordinariate of Australia, focused on what he described as the “central message of Anzac” – “sacrifice in life, sacrifice in death and the sacrifice of a nation”.

He said it was “relevant to ask the question as to whether the Anzac spirit and the bedrock values it represents, such as courage, sacrifice, loyalty, selflessness and resilience,” were still relevant in today’s culture.

“I believe we have seen the Anzac spirit at work. There is ample evidence every day in specific things that the Anzac spirit is alive,” he said.

“Combating the pandemic and keeping our community safe. Along with fire and emergency services, community and volunteer workers, neighbours and families pulling together in response to broken communities devastated by fire and flood cyclonic events. Our nation’s communities have come together under significant stress to support each other in an amazing way.”


‘Sacrifice in life, death and of a nation’ (Catholic Voice)