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Conversation guide contains everything but the kitchen table

The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council is posting hard copies of the One Journey, Together Kitchen Table Conversation Guide to every parish in Australia, asking Catholic communities to deepen their understanding of the upcoming referendum.


Australian delegation heads to US for indigenous conference

Five Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will attend an international Catholic gathering in Washington D.C. next week, along with indigenous people from the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


New message stick for Melbourne’s cathedral invites respect and unity

Victoria’s Aboriginal Catholic community has gifted a new message stick to St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, representing Aboriginal people’s contribution to the Church in Australia. Source: Melbourne Catholic.


Senate vote triggers Voice referendum within six months

Australians will vote on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament within the next six months, after the bill to trigger the referendum passed the Senate 52 votes to 19. Source: SBS News.


New members elected to Victorian treaty-making assembly

The Indigenous Victorians who will deliver a treaty between the state government and First Nations people have been chosen after a record number of voters turned out to elect the 22-representative body. Source: The Age.


No reset for Yes campaign despite drop in support for Voice

Linda Burney and supporters of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament are rejecting calls to reset the Yes campaign or delay the referendum, with the Indigenous Australians Minister declaring Australia has come too far to turn back now. Source: The Australian.


Sr Therese using her kitchen table to promote Yes vote

Sister of Mercy Therese Masterson is one of the Australians hosting kitchen-table conversations of no more than 10 people in the hope that informed citizens will vote Yes in the Voice referendum. Source: The Guardian.

Health HIgher Education Indigenous

Partnership to help boost Indigenous doctors

The University of Notre Dame Australia has teamed up with St John of God Health Care to help increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctors working in Australia’s health care system.


Voice should advise ministers only: Brennan

Jesuit priest and author Frank Brennan has told a joint select committee the Indigenous Voice should be able to advise executive government via ministers only. Source: The Australian.