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Calvary Public Hospital Bruce (ABC News)

Calvary Health Care has told the ACT Supreme Court it plans to apply for an injunction to stop the Government from forcibly acquiring the Catholic-owned Calvary Public Hospital Bruce. Source: ABC News.

Calvary had vowed to take its fight to the courts after the ACT Legislative Assembly yesterday passed legislation paving the way for the government to forcibly acquire the Bruce site.

The matter will be heard on Wednesday next week, and until then, ACT Government officials will not be allowed on hospital grounds or to request information from Calvary.

In a statement, a Calvary Health Care spokesperson said in light of the Health Infrastructure Enabling Act 2023 passing the Legislative Assembly, it had sought both an injunction and an “urgent final hearing” of its challenge to the Act and associated regulation. 

“This means it is business as usual at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce until Wednesday next week,” the spokesperson said.

“The territory cannot exercise any rights to enter hospital land, require information from Calvary or otherwise require Calvary to cooperate with it to effect any transition of the public hospital from Calvary to the territory up to and including the final hearing date.”

The substantive question for the court to consider will be whether the bill the Government passed on Wednesday is valid.

Despite Calvary’s application, the ACT Government yesterday said it remained steadfast in its plans.

Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith did not directly address the legal proceedings but said her aim was to “deconflict” the ongoing stoush.

She reasserted her confidence that July 3 remained a “realistic acquisition date”.


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