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Archbishop Christopher Prowse with Calvary staff last Thursday (Catholic Voice)

“Efficiency had won, but humanity had lost,” Canberra-Goulburn Archbishop Christopher Prowse said as he met Calvary Public Hospital Bruce staff less than 24 hours after legislation passed for the ACT Government’s forced takeover of the hospital. Source: Catholic Voice.

“The arguments presented by the Government focus just on efficiency, which, of course, is important, but what happens at Calvary Hospital is more than that – profound human values are at play. The Catholic ethos gives a real soul to the place rather than it being just a facility.”

Archbishop Prowse told staff he was “eager to have the opportunity to listen to their concerns” and assured them that he was walking alongside them during these challenging times.

“We are not machines,” he said. “We are human beings with deep aspirations, cherished Catholic values and a sense of family. Change cannot be achieved just with a click of the finger.

“Some of you have told me, ‘Well, we have survived the pandemic; we will survive this’. This is a great Australian attitude – to be determined to move forward despite difficulties.”

Administrators, nurses, midwives and doctors attended the morning tea with Archbishop Prowse, with many expressing their determination to continue the culture of Calvary.

“I’ve worked here for over 20 years,” said one of the doctors. “Many of the staff have grown because of Calvary’s values, and we’re not going to drop them. We hold those values dear.”

On Thursday, Calvary Health Care sought an injunction to stop the compulsory acquisition in the ACT Supreme Court.

The ACT Government plans to transition operations away from the Catholic healthcare provider to Canberra Health Services in the weeks leading to July 3.


 ‘Efficiency wins, but humanity loses’: Archbishop Prowse meets with Calvary staff (Catholic Voice)


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