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The Castel Sant’Angeloin Rome (Bigstock)

In anticipation of the Church’s 2025 Jubilee Year, the city of Rome has unveiled a major infrastructure project that will create a pedestrian pathway from St Peter’s Square to Castel Sant’Angelo. Source: CNA.

The city’s mayor is calling the project an “embrace” between Italy and the Vatican.

The infrastructure developments are in preparation for an estimated 35 million pilgrims headed to the eternal city for the yearlong “Jubilee of Hope”.

When the Vatican announces a Jubilee Year, the faithful are invited to take part in the spiritual benefits offered by the Church, including passing through the Holy Door at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome – which only the pope himself opens – in order to receive an indulgence.

The proposed infrastructure developments will focus on the Piazza Pia, just down the road from Vatican City.

The project will include the “redevelopment and pedestrianisation” of the piazza, which will connect the Castel Sant’Angelo to the famous road leading to the Vatican, the via della Conciliazione, costing approximately 70 million euros ($A115 million).

Castel Sant’Angelo is a historic structure with a marble statue of St. Michael the Archangel atop it and is located on the edge of the piazza. It was formerly a mausoleum commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian and later became a papal fortress connected to St Peter’s. 

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, who is leading the Jubilee Year, said that every time a Jubilee Year occurs, Rome is beautified, violence is down, and life is “improved”, adding that “we are trying to achieve that again this time.” 

Construction will begin in August and is anticipated to be completed by Christmas 2024.


Rome announces major construction project in preparation for 2025 Jubilee Year (By Joseph Bukuras, CNA)