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Eamonn Pollard, Natalie Acton and Sr Monica Cavanagh RSJ (Sisters of Saint Joseph)

The Sisters of Saint Joseph have appointed Eamonn Pollard to the newly created role of director of its Spirituality Ministry, commencing in March.

In a statement, the Sisters congregational leader Sr Monica Cavanagh said the creation of the director role “supports the congregation’s commitment to a more integrated approach to its spirituality ministry, recently evidenced by the refreshing of the Board of the Spirituality Ministry and the decision to bring the various ministries under the oversight of that company”.

Mr Pollard will review the faith formation and spirituality programs available through the Josephites’ spirituality and heritage centres and evaluate these in the light of the Sisters’ priorities and contemporary needs. 

While initially under the direction of the congregational leadership team, Mr Pollard will also work with the new board to develop the future vision of the Spirituality Ministry.

“Eamonn joins us from Edmund Rice Education Australia, where he held the position of Education Officer: Formation and Learning,” Sr Monica said. “He brings a wealth of experience in education and has worked directly in the areas of spirituality and faith formation for most of his adult life.”

In December, the Sisters announced the appointment of a new Board for its Spirituality Ministry, supporting a new “whole of ministry” approach to the delivery of spirituality and heritage programs and activities across Australia. The board now includes chair Natalie Acton, Rob Kennaugh, Josie Vescio, Brianna Ragel and Andy Kuppe.


New Director for SOSJ Spirituality Ministry (Sisters of Saint Joseph)

Appointment of New Board for Spirituality Ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph ( 138 KB )  (Sisters of Saint Joseph)