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The Second Assembly of the Synod begins in October (Vatican News)

Synod on Synodality organisers are inviting 300 parish priests to come to Rome for a meeting of “listening, prayer, and discernment” that will help shape the next Synod assembly discussions. Source: CNA.

The international meeting of priests will take place from April 28 to May 2 with the goal of “listening to and valuing the experience of parish priests” and providing them with “an opportunity to experience the dynamism of synodal work at a universal level”, the Vatican announced on Saturday. 

The General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops said that the meeting is being organised in response to the first Synod assembly’s Synthesis Report, which identified a need to “develop ways for a more active involvement of deacons, priests, and bishops in the synodal process during the coming year”. 

The participating priests were selected by their local bishops’ conference in the Latin rite as well as by the leadership of each Eastern Catholic Church.

The bishops were asked to give preference to parish priests with “significant experience in the perspective of a synodal Church” while also selecting priests from “a variety of pastoral contexts”. 

The chosen priests will be announced by their local bishops’ conference by March 15.

During the five-day meeting, the priests will participate in roundtable discussions, liturgical celebrations, workshops on pastoral proposals, and “dialogue with experts,” according to the press release by the Synod organisers, at the Fraterna Domus retreat centre in Sacrofano, near Rome.

The priests will also have the chance to speak with Pope Francis in an audience on May 2.

The results of the priests’ meeting are expected to be taken into account by the drafters of the Instrumentum Laboris, the working document for the second Synod assembly in October 2024.


Synod on Synodality organisers invite 300 parish priests to a listening session in Rome (By Courtney Mares, CNA)