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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP (ACBC)

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has warned the ability of Australians to “gather, speak freely, pray together and undertake works of service for others” is being reduced “slice by slice”, as he calls on political leaders to protect religious freedoms. Source: The Australian.

Archbishop Fisher has issued a warning to Australia’s political leaders that the role of religious institutions in society is under growing attack.

The move comes amid an Albanese Government proposal for new legislation to strip faith-based schools of their protections in the Sex Discrimination Act and introduce new stand-alone protections for religious institutions.

The Government insists it must have support for the move from the Peter Dutton-led Opposition or the nation’s five-year religious freedom policy stalemate will continue.

Archbishop Fisher says religious Australians are increasingly at risk of being sacked for expressing traditional Christian beliefs, while their ability to contribute to society is being deliberately diminished. 

He says the undermining of religious institutions, including schools and hospitals, is occurring at the same time as ideologues are seeking to force a “radical curriculum and policies on all schools in the area of sexuality and gender”.

The Archbishop points to the ACT’s forced takeover of Canberra’s Catholic-run Calvary Hospital last year as evidence of the rising threat to religious freedom, along with a transgender activist’s anti-discrimination case against Hobart Archbishop Julian Porteous for arguing against gay marriage.

Archbishop Fisher urges the Government to reject the findings of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s final report on faith-based schools, which was released on Thursday. 

The report – backed by the Albanese Government in draft legislation – argues that section 38 of the Sex Discrimination Act allowing religious schools to discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status should be overturned.


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