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A screenshot from the Common Home TV interview on the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse (Supplied)

As the US city of Baltimore grapples with the aftermath of the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a local parish has emerged as a beacon of hope and support for those affected. Source: Redemptorists of Oceania.

Fr Ako Trevor Walker, a Redemptorist missionary and pastor at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Baltimore, along with his parishioners, has been at the forefront of providing assistance and comfort to the families of six construction workers who perished in the March 26 bridge collapse. All of them were from Mexico or Central America.

In an interview with Common Home TV, a work of the Redemptorists of Oceania, Fr Walker discusses the broader effects of pastoral care on the wider community.

Fr Walker emphasises the importance of creating safe spaces for individuals to express their emotions and seek support. 

“Healing comes with authenticity,” Fr Walker said.

“We must allow people to be real in their pain and grief, offering them compassion and understanding as they navigate their journey towards healing.”

Redemptorists of Oceania Provincial Fr John Hodgson remarked on the parish’s response to the tragedy.

“In the midst of this tragedy, an unassuming parish community has fostered a deep sense of community solidarity and resilience by coming together to support the families of these migrant workers,” Fr Hodgson said.

“Through practical assistance, prayer and a gentle presence, this faith community lives out its Eucharistic identity as the Body of Christ by providing personal and ongoing support that offers time and space for healing and rebuilding. Their call to action is an important lesson for us all in providing solidarity for those in need.”

Details: Francis Scott Key Bridge: Becoming Bridges of Mercy and Love.


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