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Social Justice United States

Comic ponders the marvels of Catholic justice heroes

The creator of a webcomic series that discusses racism and social justice in American Catholic history says it’s important to confront uncomfortable truths to build a more just and equitable future. Source: Redemptorists of Oceania.

United States

US bishops’ canonical committee to analyse case of transgender hermit

United States Catholic bishops have asked for guidance from their episcopal conference following the public disclosure of transgenderism by a Lexington diocesan hermit. Source: OSV News.

Safeguarding United States

US safeguarding report warns of need for ongoing vigilance

The United States Catholic bishops’ latest annual safeguarding report shows abuse allegations are down, but guarding against complacency about abuse prevention is critical. Source: OSV News.

Synod United States

US Synod report sees Church as ‘safe harbour’ and ‘fiery communion’ 

Growth, undeniable tensions and “a deep desire to rebuild and strengthen” the body of Christ have emerged as key themes in the latest Synod report for the Church in the United States. Source: OSV News.

United States

Priest admits biting woman in effort to save the Eucharist

A Florida priest has admitted to biting a woman who attempted to receive Holy Communion in what he, and eyewitnesses, said was an aggressive, desecrating manner. Source: OSV News.

United States

US diocese to halve parish numbers over two years

The Diocese of Peoria, Illinois, will have half as many parishes by 2026 as it does now, as part of a pastoral planning effort focused on helping the diocese “be more intentional in cultivating disciples”. Source: CNA.

United States

Parishioners in US stop armed teen entering Mass

Quick action by alert parishioners and local police are credited with averting a tragedy at a Louisiana parish on Saturday. Source: CNA.

Digital Life Priesthood United States

US seminarians to screen out technology to gain more prayer time

A new formation program at United States seminaries will see first-year seminarians have more prayer time and less screen time. Source: CNA.

Human Dignity United States

US Cardinal says LGBTQ Catholics welcome, but Church has its rules

A United States cardinal has praised a new Vatican document on human dignity as a “welcome summation” of Church teaching, including on issues such as gender theory. Source: Crux.