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Britt Burnett with students at St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge (Brisbane Catholic Education)

Queensland educator Britt Gurnett has taken on a dual principalship this year, as principal of St John Fisher College Bracken Ridge and Brisbane Catholic Education’s first online school, FisherONE Online Education. Source: The Catholic Leader.

FisherONE evolved with global trends to create an innovative solution to provide high-quality, accessible education for year 11 and 12 students across Queensland. 

Ms Gurnett said COVID-19 spurred the St John Fisher College team into action, propelling them to explore digital solutions for their senior students, with the aim of bringing expert educators right to their doorstep.

“COVID-19 forced us into the digital realm as students shifted to learning from home,” Ms Gurnett said.

“When we returned to classrooms, we recognised the benefits of integrating online education as a viable option for students, both within our school community and beyond. 

“If a student desires to pursue an additional subject not available at their college, they now have the option to enrol in subjects offered by FisherONE.” 

Ms Gurnett is a firm believer that students should have access to subjects they’re passionate about, regardless of which school they attend.  

“Whether they’re facing illness or residing at a distance, we’ve worked diligently to ensure these students have avenues to pursue their interests,” she said. 

“I truly believe FisherONE’s hybrid model offers students the best of both worlds, live online lessons and flexible learning options which opens the doors for students and creates new career pathways.” 

Ms Gurnett said a FisherONE education extends beyond the screen. “It’s about building meaningful connections and igniting a passion for learning in the digital realm. 

“At FisherONE our goal is to ensure that our students not only excel academically but also grow spiritually, nurturing a deep connection to their Catholic identity even in the digital world.”


Britt Gurnett takes on dual principalship with Brisbane Catholic Education’s first online school  (The Catholic Leader)