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The certification recognises the importance of theological approaches to ecology, says Dr John Topliss (Bigstock)

Catholic teachers and leaders can now attain a new certification in Catholic Social Ecology being offered by the Catholic Institute of Western Australia. Source: Caritas Australia.

CIWA’s Professional Certificate of Catholic Social Ecology will provide students with advanced standing options towards either a Master of Education or a Master of Education (Religious Education) degree at the University of Notre Dame Australia.

The certification is comprised of two courses – Catholic Social Teaching and God and Integral Ecology – both of which are based on resources from Caritas Australia and Catholic Earthcare Australia.

These courses will be delivered by staff from the CIWA, a recognised tertiary and educational body established by the Catholic bishops of Western Australia.

The certification has support from Caritas Australia, Catholic Earthcare Australia and Catholic Education Western Australia.

The West Australian bishops have also “endorsed the certification and encouraged educational leaders and teachers to undertake these online courses through the Catholic Institute of Western Australia”.

CIWA managing director John Topliss said: “Students wanting to advance their education or religious education degrees to a Masters can now incorporate Catholic social teaching, and the role of God and integral ecology, into their studies and, indeed, into their future careers as a result”. 

“It is a certification that recognises the importance of theological approaches to ecology. Making it available honours our collective commitment as Catholic organisations to prioritise caring for our common home,” Dr Topliss said.

Details: Catholic Institute of Western Australia.


Caritas Australia – CIWA catholic social ecology certification flyer (Caritas Australia)