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A scene from the Stop It At The Start campaign (Department of Social Services)

Parents will get a window into the misogynistic content flooding their teenagers’ social media feeds under the latest push to tackle gender-based violence. Source: The West Australian.

The Albanese Government has launched a new tool that exposes adults to the “echo chamber” of harmful online voices polluting the minds of young boys.

The so-called “Algorithm of Disrespect” is a website that will simulate the average young Australian’s social media feed, giving parents and carers an insight into the misogynistic content and language that is served up daily.

Parents will also be able to access guides to help them discuss the content with their children.

The tool is part of the next phase of “Stop it at the Start”, a long-running campaign that aims to educate adults to help stamp out the attitudes that lead to male violence.

“New research shows there is a growing echo-chamber of disrespect online with influencers targeting young boys with misogynistic content,” Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth said.

“Parents and other adults with young people in their lives can’t always know everything that kids are seeing online, but we can take steps to educate ourselves on what they are seeing and hearing and help young people to recognise and deal with harmful online content.”

Ms Rishworth said misogynistic voices cannot go “unchallenged” online.

“This campaign will counter these voices in the social media spaces where they are being viewed, like Snapchat, Meta and TikTok,” she said.

Patty Kinnersly, the CEO of anti-DV group Our Watch, said toxic male influencers represented “possibly the greatest disruptor to young men’s development in history”.

The campaign will run across television, online, social media and in cinemas from Monday until May 2025.


Stop it at the Start: New campaigns gives parents window into misogynistic content flooding social media (By Dan Jervis-Bardy, The West Australian)