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Bishop Anthony Randazzo blessed each classroom and new facility at St Thomas Primary School Willoughby (Broken Bay Diocese)

A multi-million dollar refurbishment program for Catholic schools in Broken Bay Diocese is designed to enhance learning environments.

Broken Bay Bishop Anthony Randazzo officially opened and blessed the newly refurbished facilities at St Thomas Catholic Primary School in Willoughby on June 20. 

The completed capital works project cost $2.8 million and St Thomas is one of many schools in the diocese that will benefit from the extensive building program.

“Today marks an important moment for our school community. It symbolises not only our commitment to academic excellence but also our dedication to delivering a high-quality, faith-based education, ensuring that our students come to know Christ, love learning and be the very best they can be,” Bishop Randazzo said.

“We are grateful for the support from the Government and the collaborative efforts of all involved in bringing this project to fruition.”

The refurbishment includes updated classrooms, library space, a covered outdoor learning area as well as staff and student amenities.

Catholic Schools Broken Bay director Danny Casey said the building project would transform learning spaces to better support students and staff.

Catholic Schools NSW chief Dallas McInerney congratulated CSBB on the successful delivery of the upgraded facilities at St Thomas and the rigorous planning in place to enhance facilities across many CSBB schools.

“CSBB is applying sound planning practices coupled with rigorous project management. Accessing the support of the Capital Block Grant Authority, CSBB has an ambitious program to refurbish and develop new facilities that will greatly enhance the learning experience for our students,” Mr McInerney said. 

Bishop Randazzo said the building program is a positive example of collaboration between the diocese, government, teachers and parents.