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Education Politics

Concerns of school and faith communities ‘blatantly ignored’

The National Catholic Education Commission says the Productivity Commission has blatantly ignored the concerns and needs of school and faith communities in its final philanthropy report, released yesterday.

Politics Religious Freedom

Coalition calls for end of stalemate on religious discrimination laws 

The Coalition has called on Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus to end a stalemate over Labor’s draft religious discrimination laws and to redraft the legislation with feedback from faith groups. Source: The Australian.

Democracy Politics

Labor minister warns democracy under threat

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil has warned that democracy in Australia and overseas is under threat due to populism, misinformation, disinformation and foreign interference. Source: ABC News.

Politics Prayer

Greens vow to push on with bid to banish Lord’s Prayer from Senate

The Greens have doubled down on calls to remove the Lord’s Prayer from Senate proceedings. Source: Canberra Times.


No room for faith-based political parties: Albanese

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has warned against faith-based political parties and argued one that advocated for Muslim Australians would only isolate the religious group, as rebel senator Fatima Payman hints at a new political movement. Source: The Age.

Politics United Kingdom

Archbishop of Westminster congratulates Starmer on election win

The Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols congratulated new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer after Labour’s historic election victory that saw many senior prominent Catholic MPs lose their seats. Source: The Tablet.

Politics Religious Freedom

Albanese pushed to make decision on religious discrimination bill

An unlikely alliance of faith groups, equality advocates, the Coalition and the Greens is demanding Prime Minister Anthony Albanese either intervene to save his religious discrimination bill or tell them the reforms are dead in this Parliament’s term. Source: The Australian. 

Disability Politics

Shorten says delay in NDIS overhaul will cost taxpayers $1 billion

Taxpayers will be $1 billion worse off, a cabinet minister has warned, after Greens and Opposition MPs teamed up to delay the federal Government’s disability support overhaul. Source: Canberra Times.

Politics Religious Freedom

Labor shelves promise to introduce religious discrimination laws

The Albanese Government has effectively shelved its push to introduce both extraordinary immigration powers and religious discrimination laws, with Labor offering few signs it will seek to deliver on its promised policies before the election. Source: ABC News.