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Disability advocates have expressed concern that NDIS providers are being driven from the market (Supplied)

Tens of thousands of people with a disability face losing their NDIS support co-ordinator, after more than 300 providers indicated they will pull out of the disability scheme following a fifth consecutive annual pay freeze. Source: Daily Telegraph.

Since the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) released its Annual Price Review at the end of June, 25 businesses have closed, leaving 6000 people without a support co-ordinator, while 300 more have given notice they will be shutting within six months, according to the peak body.

Among the big names pulling out of support co-ordinator provision is Anglicare, which is withdrawing from Darwin. It pulled out of Tasmania last year.

The Benevolent Society said from September 1, it will no longer provide support co-ordination services across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

Jess Harper, CEO of peak body Disability Intermediaries Australia, said the fact that such a well-established national charity cannot sustain services should be “ringing alarm bells” with NDIS Minister Bill Shorten.

“Quality providers are being driven from the market,” Mr Harper said. “The NDIA has simply gotten this year’s Annual Price Review very wrong.”

The NDIA has kept support co-ordinators hourly fee at $100.14 for four years, this will be the fifth; meanwhile business costs have increased by at least 30 per cent over the same period, according to those in the sector.

Advocates fear dodgy providers will fill the space.


NDIS support co-ordinators quit over poor pay (By Julie Cross, Daily Telegraph)