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Playgroup Statement says it

Australian Catholic University has partnered with Playgroup Australia to help develop a national Playgroup Statement outlining the purpose, benefits and future direction of playgroups.

Karen McLean and Susan Edwards, of ACU’s Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, co-chaired a Playgroup Australia National Advisory Core Group of key stakeholders who contributed to the development of the inaugural Playgroup Statement.

Both Associate Professor McLean and Professor Edwards, who are leading experts in early childhood research, led the writing of the Statement with the National Advisory Core Group.

Associate Professor McLean said document brings together what is known about playgroups, the benefits of playgroups, and their future direction in a way that is unifying for the sector.

“We are thrilled the undisputed importance of playgroups as a fun and effective way for children and their families to enhance their social skills, educational and economic opportunities, support networks and physical and mental health is being acknowledged,” she said.

Professor Edwards said it was important to ensure families had access to affordable, inclusive, and developmentally and culturally appropriate playgroups.

“The multiple benefits of playgroups to children, their families, the health and social fabric of communities, and the economy cannot be overstated, and we are committed to continuing our important research to ensure all children have access to a range of suitable playgroup opportunities,” she said.

The Playgroup Statement includes a call to action on three areas: access and participation, policy formation and implementation, and research scale and translation.

‘We want the Playgroup Statement to kickstart a national conversation on how we ensure that all children and families, wherever they are and whatever their circumstances, can benefit from playgroup,” said Playgroup Australia CEO Dr Amanda Walsh.


Playground Statement a unified declaration for the future (ACU)