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Pope Francis waves to the crowd in St Peter’s Square yesterday (Vatican Media)

Pope Francis has recommended making an examination of conscience at the end of each day as a way to invite Jesus into the joys and struggles of daily life. Source: CNA.

“Indeed, for us to it is important to reread our history together with Jesus: the story of our life, of a certain period, of our days, with its disappointments and hopes,” the Pope said yesterday.

“There is a good way of doing this, and today I would like to propose it to you: it consists of dedicating time, every evening, to a brief examination of conscience,” he said. “What happened inside of me today? That is the question. It means rereading the day with Jesus.”

Pope Francis addressed a crowd of around 30,000 people on Sunday from a window overlooking St Peter’s Square.

After his brief message, he prayed the Regina Caeli, a Latin antiphon honouring the Virgin Mary which is usually prayed during the Easter Season.

Francis said making an examination of conscience is a way of “rereading my day, opening the heart, bringing to him people, choices, fears, falls, hopes, and all of the things that took place; to learn gradually to look at things with different eyes, with his eyes and not only our own”.

A nightly examination of conscience is also sometimes known as a daily examen, a part of the spirituality developed by St Ignatius of Loyola.

The Pope spoke about the spiritual practice in the context of the Gospel passage for the Third Sunday of Easter, which recounts Jesus’ appearance to two of his disciples while they were walking from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus.

“Today’s Gospel invites us to tell Jesus everything,” he continued, “sincerely, without worrying about bothering him – he listens – without fear of saying something wrong, without being ashamed of our struggle to understand.”


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