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Environment Pope Francis

Pope marks World Earth Day with plea for bold action

Marking World Earth Day yesterday, Pope Francis reiterated his urgent plea for bold action for “our common home” and for world peace. Source: Vatican News. 

Human Rights Pope Francis

Pope offers prayers for prisoners of war and victims of torture

Pope Francis has appealed to countries at war to release prisoners and has offered special prayers for those who have endured torture. Source: NCR Online.

Catechesis Pope Francis

Temperance the secret to enjoying every good thing: Pope

Exercising the virtue of temperance is not a recipe for a boring life, Pope Francis said yesterday, but the secret to enjoying every good thing. Source: CNS.

Environment Pope Francis

Seek nature to counter polluting lifestyles: Pope 

Humanity must have more direct contact with nature to counter the modern lifestyles that are destroying the planet, Pope Francis said on Saturday. Source: CNS.

Papal Trip Pope Francis

Vatican confirms Pope to visit Oceania and Asia

Pope Francis will visit Papua New Guinea and three countries in Asia in September, the Vatican announced on Friday. Source: Crux. 

Middle East Pope Francis

Pope appeals for end to violence in Middle East

Pope Francis made a heartfelt appeal yesterday to halt the spiral of violence in the Middle East and for all nations to favour negotiation and peace efforts while assisting those suffering in Gaza. Source: Vatican News.

Pope Francis

Pope encourages Bible scholars to continue their study of suffering

In the Bible, Jesus never explains suffering but he reaches out to those who are hurting, heals them and ultimately, on the cross, shares and redeems the suffering of all humanity, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: OSV News.

Catechesis Pope Francis

A Christian without courage is a useless Christian: Pope

“A Christian without courage, who does not turn his own strength to good, who does not bother anyone, is a useless Christian,” Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNA.

Middle East Pope Francis

Pope meets relatives of Israeli hostages held by Hamas

Pope Francis met yesterday with relatives of Israeli hostages being held in Gaza since October 7. Source: Vatican News.