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Townsville Bishop Tim Harris blesses Kirsty Robertson and Richard Landels after their 700km journey (Caritas Australia/Alicia Benardos)

Caritas Australia’s chief executive Kirsty Robertson and advancement director Richard Landels have completed an epic 700km bicycle ride from Cairns to Townsville, touring and greeting Catholic schools and parishes along the way. 

The journey started on Sunday, April 16, when the duo set out from St Monica’s Cathedral in Cairns and finished on April 23 at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Townsville, where they were greeted by Bishop Tim Harris before joining the Mass. 

During the ride, Ms Robertson and Mr Landels made pit stops in various towns including Mareeba, Herberton, Atherton, Ravenshoe, Godronvale, Innisfail, Silkwood, and Ingham, where they met school students and parishioners to share stories of how Caritas Australia and its partners are working to support communities around the world. 

Last year, two completed a similar trip from Sydney to Melbourne and found it to be a very enriching experience. 

“The ride is one thing but as always, it’s the people along the way that have made this journey special. It’s such a blessing to make new friends and meet new people and spread the word about Caritas Australia,” Ms Robertson said. 

“We’re filled with gratitude to the amazing people we have met on this journey, that have shown us deep hospitality. These people are our Australian supporters in Churches and schools across Australia who join together and say – this is not the world that God intended and I want to create a more just world.” 

To support Caritas Australia Project Compassion campaign, go to or call 1800 024 413. 


Caritas Australia’s CEO completes 700km tour of Queensland by bicycle (Caritas Australia) 


Caritas Australia’s CEO tours schools and parishes in Queensland by bicycle (Caritas Australia)