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Charity Digital Life

How a 168-year-old charity embraced TikTok – and won a legion of young fans

The St Vincent de Paul Society, the 168-year-old charity, is proof that you’re never too old to embrace technology. Source: Mumbrella.

Charity Ukraine

Russian attack on Caritas warehouse destroys 300 tonnes of humanitarian supplies 

Caritas Australia has confirmed that Russian troops on Tuesday attacked an industrial enterprise in Lviv, where a Caritas-Spes Ukraine humanitarian aid warehouse was located.

Charity Natural disasters North Africa

Pope appeals to international community to help Libya

Caritas agencies are responding to flooding in Libya where at least 5300 lives have been lost and more than 10,000 people are missing, as Pope Francis appealed for the international community to come to the aid of the hard-hit nation.

Charity In The Dioceses Southeast Asia

Brisbane parishioners helping to build monastery in Timor-Leste

High in the mountains of Timor-Leste, a monastery is taking shape with support from missionary volunteers and donations from Brisbane parishioners. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Charity Natural disasters

Caritas responds to devastating earthquake in Morocco

Caritas agencies are responding to the earthquake in Morocco, where more than 2600 lives have been lost and thousands have been injured. 


Vinnies opens its biggest shop and it has ‘absolutely everything’

The biggest Vinnies shop in the country opens in Townsville tomorrow with a massive range of second-hand fashion, furniture and more. Source: Townsville Bulletin.

Charity Poverty

Vinnies enters debate on tax reform

The new tax and welfare policy developed by the Australian National University for the St Vincent de Paul Society suggests up to 834,000 vulnerable people could be lifted out of poverty by targeted reforms to income tax, welfare and superannuation.

Charity Cost Of Living

Service widens as two new Vinnies Vans hit the road

Every month for years, Verbum Dei Missionary priest Fr Greg Morgan has swapped his chasuble for a hi-vis vest and got behind the wheel of one of Sydney’s Vinnies Vans. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Charity Human Rights

Caritas Australia launches appeal to support displaced people globally

Caritas Australia has launched its “Displaced People Crisis Appeal” to respond to the growing global need of people who have been forced to leave their homes due to conflict or the climate crisis.