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The early offer scheme is open to current year 12 students and students who have already completed secondary school (Campion College)

Campion College Australia, an independent liberal arts college in Western Sydney, has announced its early offer scheme for prospective students interested in commencing their studies in 2024.

The early offer scheme allows future students to fast-track their letter of offer, receive priority allocation for on-campus accommodation and be automatically considered for a first-semester scholarship. Year 12 students, as well as those who have already completed their secondary schooling, are encouraged to apply.

Campion College president Paul Morrissey said the scheme helps “provide the opportunity for students to pursue their academic goals with confidence”. 

“Planning for the future can be hard, especially when students are studying for final exams or working hard to fund their post-school plans; it is our hope that the early offer scheme will provide certainty for the future and help ease the transition to college life,” Dr Morrissey said.

To apply for the early offer scheme, applicants must provide academic documentation such as year 11 and 12 reports, proof of tertiary study or STAT results. They must also supply a written statement and a community recommendation before undertaking an interview with one of Campion’s academics.

Each stage in the process will allow applicants to demonstrate their readiness for tertiary study, commitment to the liberal arts tradition and potential to make meaningful contributions to the Campion College community based on previous educational, vocational and community involvement.



Campion College Launches Early Offer Scheme for Prospective Students (Campion College)