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Sr Therese Masterson RSM (ABC News)

Sister of Mercy Therese Masterson is one of the Australians hosting kitchen-table conversations of no more than 10 people in the hope that informed citizens will vote Yes in the Voice referendum. Source: The Guardian.

Kitchen-table conversations, the Together, Yes organisers suggest, should be a gathering of up to 10 people in comfortable and non-threatening environments, which allow participants to engage in an open and honest dialogue about the voice proposal.

Each group will host two conversations, and each host is supplied with a special activities kit that provides information about the voice and the referendum process, as well as broader information on Australia’s Indigenous history.

Sr Therese Masterson lives in Cairns, where a Together, Yes forum was held in April. She held her first kitchen-table conversation a few weeks ago.

She says she has been concerned about the lack of support for the Voice in far north Queensland.

Sr Masterson rallied together a few people from her church for the kitchen-table event.

“We have to do our little bit,” she says. “Whether anyone takes any notice is another thing.”


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