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Liz McMullin and Archbishop Christopher Prowse (Catholic Voice)

Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese has demonstrated a commitment to being leaders in the field of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, an independent accreditation organisation has found. Source: Catholic Voice. 

Quality Innovation Performance general manager Liz McMullin said the Archdiocese’s participation in a pilot safeguarding program had been a huge undertaking and the Archdiocese should be very proud.

“We are very grateful for your participation in the pilot, and we are truly pleased to see your hard work be rewarded with this tremendous outcome,” Ms Mullin said.

“Your safeguarding team has done an outstanding job, and you have embraced the opportunity to enhance safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults in your parishes and communities.

“The accreditation demonstrates the commitment of your Archdiocese through participation in the only safeguarding program in Australia to provide an independent, third-party evaluation of an organisation’s safeguarding commitments.”

Institute for Professional Standards and Safeguarding manager Maria Hicks said the Archdiocese had been excited to elevate past efforts and open itself to the scrutiny of QIP.

“Over the last 8-10 years, the Archdiocese has made significant inroads into safeguarding our community, through training, support, governance, compliance, policies, processes, and protocols. But we live in an ever-changing world,” Ms Hicks said.

“Given the pace of change, we must be constantly vigilant and open to learning and sharing within our parish community how best to safeguard children and vulnerable adults, including people with disabilities and the elderly. Our work continues.”

Archbishop Prowse said he was delighted to receive the accreditation through an independent body. The Archbishop congratulated staff on their hard work during the accreditation process and thanked those who “shepherded the shepherds”.


National independent evaluation awards accreditation to Archdiocese for safeguarding (By Veronika Cox, Catholic Voice)