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Emergency workers look for survivors in Amizmiz, Morocco on Sunday, two days after the deadly 6.8 magnitude earthquake (OSV News/Nacho Doce, Reuters)

Caritas agencies are responding to the earthquake in Morocco, where more than 2600 lives have been lost and thousands have been injured. 

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake is the strongest in over a century. Entire buildings have collapsed, and there are reports some remote villages have been completely destroyed, leaving people trapped or homeless. Many families are spending sleepless nights outdoors, fearing aftershocks. Search and rescue efforts are ongoing. 

Caritas Australia’s humanitarian emergencies associate director Melville Fernandez said, “Earthquakes of this magnitude devastate communities, destroying homes and infrastructure. This means people are just trying to survive but have no access to shelter, food, medicine or water.,

“We are working with our partners on the ground and across the region to ensure help gets to those who need it most,” 

The earthquake’s epicentre was near the rural town of Ighil, in the Al Haouz province. The death toll currently stands at over 2600 people, with over 2500 people injured, many of them seriously. 

Immediate needs include getting essentials like food, clean water, emergency shelter and medicine to families affected by the earthquake, while preparing for the long-term needs of people who no longer have homes to return to. 

Caritas agencies in the region are assessing the scale of the damage and are coordinating with local authorities and other organisations to see how they can best assist. 



Caritas agencies respond to devastating earthquake in Morocco (Caritas Australia)