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New laws that recognise unborn children who are killed as a result of criminal conduct have been passed in Queensland after close to a decade of campaigning. Source: The Courier-Mail.

Dubbed Sophie’s Law, the push was driven by Queensland couple Sarah and Peter Milosevic, whose unborn baby Sophie was killed when another driver collided with their vehicle in 2014.

Despite Sarah being 39 weeks pregnant, the driver of the other car received just a $950 fine and had his licence suspended for five months due to Queensland laws not recognising Sophie’s life as a factor during his sentencing.

Supported by the couple’s local MP, Jim McDonald, who has long advocated for the change, the couple witnessed the law being passed yesterday.

Tragically, 15 other unborn babies have died in similar circumstances since Sophie.

That included the death of Miles, the unborn baby of couple Kate Leadbetter and Matthew Field, who were killed on Australia Day 2021 when they were struck by a stolen car.

At the time, the teen allegedly behind the wheel could not be charged over their unborn child’s death.

The law changes were included in a wide-reaching omnibus bill which also included the Government’s highly-spruiked changes to “name and change” rules, which would see accused rapists able to be named from October 3.


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