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Archbishop Leo Thomas (CNS/Paul Haring)

The Archbishop of Las Vegas has offered his thoughts and prayers for the victims and survivors of a mass shooting at the University of Nevada on Wednesday. Source: Crux.

Three people were killed and another critically injured in the shooting at the university about 11.45am local time. The suspect, who has not been identified, was ultimately killed in a shootout with detectives at a building housing the university’s business school.

“May the embrace of the Lord compassionately hold and console those who are suffering,” Las Vegas Archbishop George Leo Thomas said in a statement hours after the shooting.

“May his comforting presence bring solace and strength to their hearts, granting them the grace to face their challenges with hope and resilience.”

The shooting was the 630th mass shooting in the US in 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as a shooting where a minimum of four victims are injured or killed.

According to the same source, more than 40,000 people have died from gun violence so far in 2023, including about 22,500 suicides and 17,600 homicides.

The university shooting comes a day after Shane James, a 34-year-old Texas man, was charged with two counts of capital murder after he killed his parents and four others in separate attacks in Austin and San Antonio. In the spree, James also shot and wounded a cyclist, and two police officers.

President Joe Biden said that he and First Lady Jill Biden are praying for the victims and their families of the shootings. On a policy level, Mr Biden said the “epidemic” of gun violence in the US “demands” that the federal government take action.


Bishops pray for healing, consolation in wake of latest US mass shootings (By John Lavenburg, Crux)