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The document was published in September (NZCBC)

New Zealand’s Catholic bishops have given a copy of their new ethics teaching document to all 123 members of the country’s recently elected Parliament. Source: NZCBC.

The bishops published Te Kahu o te Ora: A Consistent Ethic of Life in September.

NZ Catholic Bishops Conference president, Auckland Bishop Stephen Lowe, told the MPs in an accompanying letter that the document is a reminder that the political issues dividing the country are all connected.

“So, too, is the solution—a lens that sees all life as sacred taonga,” Bishop Lowe said.

“We, in our respective positions as parliamentarians and bishops, are expected to lead and make decisions for the common good. Each of us is also given a lot to read. Nonetheless we hope that you will find Te Kahu o te Ora is a worthwhile summer read and a resource to dip into as you reflect on the issues we face in Aotearoa New Zealand.”


NZ Catholic bishops give copy of ethics booklet to all members of the new Parliament (NZCBC)


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